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Our Story

      Dr. Michael Fulton became involved in orthopaedic rehabilitation in the 1970’s when the medical profession was strongly inclined toward surgery as the best treatment for spinal pain and injuries.  After years of study and research, Dr. Fulton concluded that if an appropriate program for strengthening musculoskeletal tissue were developed, orthopaedic rehabilitation could be successful without the need for surgery.


      In the early 1980’s Dr. Fulton began working in conjunction with Nautilus, the company that introduced the concept of selectorized strength equipment.  Dr. Fulton and Arthur Jones, the founder of Nautilus, opened a strength training and Sports Medicine clinic in Lake Helen, Florida to treat athletes in the area of orthopaedic rehabilitation. During this time, he assisted in designing specialized strength training machines and developed protocols to help athletes and non-athletes alleviate spinal pain.


      Dr. Fulton has compiled one of the world’s largest databases related to stengthening the spine. Thousands of patients who followed the exercise protocol were tested and evaluated with outcome studies and established norms.  The results of these studies showed an 80% success rate for decreasing spinal pain.


      His name has become synonymous with medical expertise for spinal rehabilitation.  Even though he is fully credentialed as an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Michael Fulton’s successful rehabilitation approach has been non-surgical for nearly forty years.

Dr. Michael Fulton, founder of Medical Exercise Associates, located in Daytona Beach, Florida.  He is an orthopedic surgeon that developed a sports medicine clinic which focus on orthopedic rehabilitation in leiu of surgery.

Our Facility

      Medical Exercise Associates is located at Green Acres, a complex which is located on the grounds of a 40-acre parcel of pristine Florida woodland near the banks of the Tomoka River.  In this soothing, natural setting, we built our facility specifically designed to meet our needs.  Today it offers more than 11,000 square feet of space for clinical services, strength training, and athletic training, with more room for planned expansion.


  • State-of-the-art exercise equipment

  • Fully equipped Health Club

  • Heated indoor therapy pool

  • Private one-on-one gym

  • Convenient shower and locker facilities

  • Immaculate clinic, massage, and fitness areas

  • Hospitable and restorative environment

  • Family owned and operated

Dr. Brent Fulton
Green Acres Health Club
Indoor Pool
Debbie and Sandy
Lumbar Extension MedX Machine
Green Acres Health Club
Father and Son
Andy, hard at work
Cervical Extension MedX Machine
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