“We brought you Nautilus in the 80’s, MedX in the 90’s… now we bring you Iron Mike’s.”


This program was developed by Michael Fulton, MD and Rick Pratt, PhD to guide the Baby Boomer generation to a healthier lifestyle through proper strength training, nutrition, and body composition monitoring.  These factors are vital in Iron Mike’s goal of achieving maximum quality of life and longevity.


“All provided in a ‘best of the best’ gym with our own technology at Green Acres”

Iron Mike’s

Strength Training Benefits for Longevity

1. Longevity is not about a magical pill or a quick fix. It is about making prudent changes in your lifestyle that will lead to improvement and quality of life.


2. These factors include: exercise, proper nutrition, stress management, not smoking, flexibility, endurance, and strength training.


3. Studies show that a person who exercises regularly and consumes a healthy diet can be much younger than their chronological age, which can lead to an enhanced quality of life.


4. Strength training is a key factor towards this “fountain of youth.” Every other element is secondary in relation to the importance of a supervised strength training program.


5. Strength training often is overlooked as being a key component of total health, but it is essential to a healthy lifestyle.


6. Increased strength makes normal activities of daily living much easier. It increases resting metabolism which burns more calories. Strength training also increases bone, tendon, and ligament density, making one less susceptible to injury and osteoporosis. An increase in strength has been clinically proven to reduce spine and joint pain.


7. By keeping rest periods short between exercises this type of training can be used to improve your cardiovascular endurance.


8. Each of the above factors is vital to our goal of maximum quality of life and longevity. Properly supervised strength training is the way to a healthy, long life.

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