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Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


The active Orthopaedic Rehabilitation programs have been designed to treat both spine and extremity pathologies and injuries.  These programs are comprehensive and follow distinct protocols that have been developed through years of extensive research and proven outcomes.  The success rate for our protocols is about 80%.  The goals of our programs are quite specific:  Increase strength levels, decrease pain levels, and increase functional abilities, thus enhancing the patient’s quality of life.


The standard protocol for most injuries involves an 8-12 week program at the frequency of two thirty minute exercise sessions per week.  Our programs incorporate site specific strengthening by utilizing specialized MedX rehabilitation and testing equipment.  Manual therapy is used to complement our strengthening programs by reducing pain and restoring muscle function.  Traditional modalities such as electrical stimulization, ultrasound, heat, and ice may also be ulitized to decrease pain; however, our focus is on strengthening and functional restoration.  Patients who cannot participate in machine-based strengthening may use water therapy as an alternative. 

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