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I’ve been a patron of Green Acres for over four years now. I made an appointment to see Dr. Michael Fulton after my low back pain was keeping me from the daily activities I enjoyed. Not only was I unable to play golf, I couldn’t even sit or stand without constant pain. Dr. Fulton put me into low back protocol to strengthen my back and alleviate my symptoms. I met with my exercise therapist twice a week for 4 weeks. I completed the rehab cycle three times, and four months from my initial appointment I was released from protocol.  


After graduating from rehab, I joined the in-house gym and go loyally every week to continue building my strength and keeping the pain away. My treatment changed my daily life (and even made me less grumpy!). I would absolutely recommend this facility to anyone struggling with pain and I already have suggested it to multiple friends and family. Dr. Fulton deserves 4 stars in my book, and his staff is great! Thanks to Dr. Fulton, all my pain was resolved, and I even got a couple birdies on the golf course!

Stu's Story

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