Benefits of Water Therapy


  • Reduced stress on joints - buoyancy reduces the stressful effects of gravity on the body.

  • Improved muscle strength and tone - resistance of the water aids in gentle muscle strengthening.

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility - the support and resistance of the water allows for effective strengthening.

  • Increased balance and coordination - balance can be challenged in a safe environment.

  • Pain modulation - support and warmth of the water can decrease pain.

  • Decreased edema - the hydrostatic pressure of water decreases swelling.

  • Improved posture and trunk stability.

  • Promotes relaxation.

  • Improved metabolism and calorie burn for weight control.

  • Increased circulation - hydrostatic pressure increase venous blood return to the heart.

Water Therapy

Water therapy exercise programs consist of a variety of treatments and exercises that are performed in a pool. These exercises serve to condition and strengthen muscles to help avoid future recurrences of pain. Water therapy is especially helpful in cases where a machine-based exercise program is not appropriate due to deconditioning, intense pain, or other contributing factors.  Post-operative patients may also benefit from our water therapy programs.


Some physical conditions can make it uncomfortable or painful to exercise on a hard or even padded surface. Water provides a much gentler, welcoming environment.  Our water therapy programs help prepare and condition patients for more rigorous strengthening programs.  

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