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Medical Exercise Associates has been a place of strengthening and healing for me since 2011. When I first came to see Dr. Michael Fulton, I had a 75% compression fracture in my lumbar spine and was debilitated because of the pain. Dr. Mike recommended I go into the lumbar protocol and supplement in manual therapy to help with pain relief. To be completely honest, the orthopedic rehab challenged me at first, but with the consistency in sessions, I was able to see results. The pain in my back lessened, and I felt my strength increase.

After my rehab at Green Acres, an MRI showed the fracture had reduced only to 25%.  I had to option to continue my exercise regimen in the in-house step-down gym, and since then I’ve been able to maintain my strength and keep my pain at bay. I loyally exercise at MEA twice a week, as per Dr. Fulton’s instructions, and I’m so grateful for the support of the wonderful staff.

In addition to my original back injury, I’ve had several other orthopedic concerns since 2011. No matter the situation, I was blessed to know the right path to overcome my pain. I’ve needed to go back a few steps each time, but I am currently growing stronger and more confident that exercise is my key to health and happiness. Dr. Mike is right; exercise really IS strong medicine!

Rosemary's Story

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